Hello, this is BC FLYFISHING on line. Here you can check out some of 
our many flyfishing needs and accesories. If you are interested in buying 
any of our stuff just send me an e-mail and I'll tell you how to go 
about getting it. Thank you for shoping at BC FLYFISHING.
            The Flyguy

  Here are some of the materials & tools we have to offer:
  1. necks
  2. peacock eyes & herel
  3. dubbing
  4. goose biots
  5. mustad hooks ( sold by 25 count )
  6. bobbins
  7. hackle plyers
  8. scissors

All your fly tying materials and fly tying tools.
( please note ) We are an Authorized Cortland Dealer. -Just click on the link below to see a full list

click here to see what we have
click here to send me an email


  I am also hoping to help people who are intersted in getting into
fly tying/fishing. So I an offering to anyone who would be interested, a chance to sign
up for my classes. There are still some openings left.
So if your in the New York area or don't mind travling to New York send me an
email and I'll let you know how to sign up.
  Also if you would like information on fishing hot spots for the Deleware River 
east and west branch in Deleware County. or the Susquehanna River in Broome County N.Y.
just send me an email and I will be glad to help in any way possible.


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NEW!!!   TIP   OF   THE   WEEK

This is the tip of the week section. Check back each week to see our new tip. Tip #2- Make sure your head cement is thin when applying it to dry flys so it soaks into the fly and the hackle.

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